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CC Investment

Right from the City of London, we are a Fintech company, which is a contraction word between finance and technology .
This means we use technology to solve the problems of Finance.

Our Mission

With interest rate being abysmal, we aim to make saving money pay again.

Our Vision

Big problems require drastic solutions, so we are building new technologies to solve those problems

Thanks CC Investment ! I STRONGLY recommend subscribing to EVERYONE feeling ripped out by their bank. I am making more money in 3 months than I could in 5 Years with my life Insurance.

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Gary R. Francis New York

I made +10 % in 2 months, and all I needed to was to subscribe. It took me only 3 clicks, no paperwork, no fuss.

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Holly Hudson London

As of right now, with the economy slowing and low interest rates, I was loosing money while saving. CC Investment made it right again.

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Mads S. Krogh kopenhagen